The DJs mixed songs all in

Lp format known as long playing.

In the United States he reigned

disco music, funk, soul;

played by bands,

type i:

Chic-Kool and gang,

Earth wind and fire,

like other bands.

In 1977 the first was released at the cinema

film set in the disco

Studio 54 in New York.

Saturday night fever, it was

the first film dedicated to music

dance floor whose protagonist was

the dancer Tony Manero with the

soundtrack, by the Bee Gees,

famous song-Stayin 'Alive.

In 1982 the singer was depopulated

Michael Jackson,

with his album Thriller.

Many years later

disco music, make dance

still young now,

younger at the disco.

In the coming years, they are

partly moved to premises

aperitifs called Lounge bar,

smaller rooms where you listen

Lounge music, definition

with the French term

musical genre musique

lounge, where you sip one

aperitif, a cocktail, teasing

of selected food, served

buffet, where you can talk,

know, there being the volume

of the lowest music that

in a nightclub, without the DJ

with recorded music.

Currently in the summer

the beach is very popular

party, beach parties where

music is usually danced

house music, with console

famous DJs, drinking drinks,

like eating under

the stars until late at night.

With the passing of the years in all

the world has multiplied several

musical genres, both dance

and listening, from rock, funk,

modern, disco pop, soul, symphonic,

classic, coming to the genres

house, hip pop, acid, punk, tribal.