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Oggi conta molto più la forma che la sostanza Intervista a DJ Lamberto

Oggi conta molto più la forma che la sostanza Intervista a DJ Lamberto

Oggi conta molto più la forma che la sostanza.

Intervista a DJ Lamberto

Oggi conta molto più la forma che la sostanza Intervista a DJ Lamberto

Today the form is much more important than the substance Interview with DJ Lamberto

According to DJLamberto, being a professional DJ is a profession that not everyone can improvise. And as a story you have to work hard, studyand perfect yourself.

The tendency is often to pay attention to the '' following '' that an artist has on social media and not to the artistic quality.

What were the experiences that formed you the most?

I think that every experience has something in me, every situation is different and every time it is a different journey, like having won the 2000 MTV Awards as one of the best DJs, radio hosts.

What are your current and future projects?



I also have some collaboration with DJs / producers of the music scene, such as DJ Sets, such as evenings in clubs, parties, weddings, the thing I love most because you feel them close to people making them dance to the music you are playing, animating the evening as I am also a dj speaker, as opposed to a dj set in a palaexpò which is very far from the people. For the future I have many ambitions and hopes! I always try to work to the fullest of my abilities to grow and ensure that the future is full of a lot of good music played by a professional.

How has the DJ profession changed?


I believe that man has the primary purpose of evolving, creating and inventing new things that make life easier and easier. Personally I believe that with this simplification, however, everyone can now be a DJ, without necessarily having to know the music. This in my opinion made everything a little less professional and romantic. In my opinion I believe that to be such a DJ must have the technical skills, have to know the music and have to have a musical encyclopedia in his head before being in the PC or the stick.


Unfortunately, as I have already said, this evolution has trivialized the profession of the DJ to a simple game that can be played by adults and children, footballers and dancers, some event agencies that know nothing about music production, like a real event, party that for charity , they all have the right to do it but if I think of a Roger Sanchez or a David Morales, I think of a story, I think of a background, of an evolutio

What do you think of clubbing, party music?


As far as clubbing is concerned, party is a story in itself and I also partly refer to the answer to the previous question. I state that in my opinion there is a cultural and economic problem at the base: first of all the economic factor is very relevant because the manager of the venue, the event, private party, etc. at the end of the evening somehow has to make ends meet and somewhere he has to cut and precisely since they now believe everyone is capable of being a DJ, the evenings are divided into 2 types: N 1 is called to be a DJ for the club, private party, wedding, etc: the friend's son , the cousin or the acquaintance in general, you let them play for free in the evening so they are happy because they took 2 photos on Instagram and showed themselves in front of some people, it's what a dj show agency is called, dj service that most of the times are kids with no musical experience with a ready-made lineup downloaded from the web, certainly a thirty year old DJ not the musical preparation of a fifty year old. Experience counts a lot in this sector. N 2 you invest some money and call a professional DJ who has nothing in common with the speech mentioned above



How do you use the web and social media for your business?


The web and social media are now essential for those who want to make themselves known. Personally I have a good relationship with this world, but then going around social networks I see many non-professional DJs, both women and men, who in their profiles have almost only photos in costume or underwear or travel photos and I think you should understand that I'm DJs only because in 1 or 2 photos they have headphones and without the quality, professionalism of what they do. This is what gives me a lot of sadness because nowadays the appearance really matters much more than the substance. How do you see the future of music?

Penso che nel futuro più prossimo della musica ci sia molto minimalismo. Ci si concentrerà molto sul groove minimizzando l'uso di strumenti melodici.


How do you see the future of music?


I think there is a lot of minimalism in the near future of music. There will be a lot of focus on the groove while minimizing the use of melodic instruments.